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Whether your heart is set on surfing, beach hopping, exploring heritage sites or natural habitats abundant with birds and animals, there’s always a lot to do in the area.


Surfing lessons

Maybe you’ve always wanted to crest waves like a pro but never had the opportunity. On the other had you may know the basics but need help to ride the bigger waves. Whatever your skill levels, we’ll help you enroll for lessons that are ideal for you.
Check out the Instagram page of our official instructor Milan Hennadige a professional Surfer.

Surfing spots

Arugam Bay is dotted with world famous surfing spots, all as amazingly beautiful as you’d see in the movies. You can stroll down to Main Point from Bay Vista, while Whiskey Point, Peanut Farm, Okanda and Elephant Rock are just a short drive away. You can take on the most challenging waves, watch the surfers at their exhilarating best or feast your eyes on the glistening waves and endless sun kissed beaches. If you’re lucky, you might even encounter wild elephants during your drive.


The Kumana National Park is a bird paradise and sanctuary where a variety of birds breed and roost. One of the most signif-icant features of the park is the ‘Kumana Villu’ - a 200 hectare natural swamp lake; a mangrove swamp where many water birds nest in May and June. Besides the prolific birdlife, Kumana is also home to some of the mammals found in the larger Yala Park, such as elephants and leopards.


Serenity and wilderness envelope the ancient site of the Kudumbigala monastic complex that nestles amongst a range of rocks about two hours away from Arugam Bay. Built in 246 BC, during the time of King Devanampiyatissa, it was established as a refuge for Buddhist monks who wanted to spend time away from secular life. Since monks use this haven for meditation even today, visitors are required to dress appropriately and re-frain from causing disturbance.


Experience Sri Lanka’s rich cultural legacy by visiting some of the many ancient temples located in the nearby area, symbolic of Sri Lankan Buddhist and Hindu heritage.

Muhudu Maha Vihare

Steeped in a history of over 2000 years, this once majestic tem-ple in Pottuvil has many a story and monument buried in the sand. Although Kirinda is popularly believed to be the place Vi-hara Maha Devi, the queen who was sacrificed by being set adrift in the sea, finally came to shore, according to historical facts, it could well be this ancient site. Within the remains of the image house constructed with bricks are two Bodisatva statues and Buddha statue standing proud.

Magul Maha Vihare

Hidden within an elephant infested jungle is a 200-acre archaeo-logical site that looks like a lost city, somewhat like a set from an Indiana Jones movie. This ancient complex is scattered with temples and granaries, reputed to have been the home to 12,000 monks some 2000 years ago. It was also designed to serve the purpose of a monastery and a fortress where food, weapons and animals were kept in preparation for the famous Dutugemunu-Elara war fought against an invading Tamil King from South India.

Lagoon Safari

Immerse yourself in nature’s wonders during this two-hour ca-noe tour through Pottuvil Lagoon. Experience the serenity and beauty of an amazing mangrove ecosystem. In the trees you’ll see both varieties of Sri Lanka’s macaque monkeys, while in the water you’ll spot crocodiles, water monitor lizards, freshwater snakes and a multitude of fish.